Thursday, July 22, 2010

The More Time Spent on Learning, The More Students Learn

KIPP should be commended for the academic results they generate by offering extended school days and longer school years for their students. The Mathematica Policy research on 22 KIPP schools across the country showed that regardless of race and class, students learn better when more time is devoted to learning and individual attention is given to students. Despite KIPP’s reality, the truth is that not all schools are structured or governed like KIPP.

Many traditional public schools are constrained by factors that limit their capacity and ability to provide a longer school day. This is where community-based programs, like Higher Achievement come into play. Public schools can and should tap into high quality and rigorous community programs that can become their extended learning time partners and help generate the academic results that schools, students, families and the community want. The culture of high expectations, excellence and learning should not just be within the school’s purview; it should be a culture to which every community institution contributes. Young people should experience academic rigor and a culture of high expectation not only in their schools from 8 am to 3 pm, but in their after-school programs, summer programs, museums, libraries, and ultimately in their homes.

Click here to see the Post article on KIPP.

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