Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good News from DCPS!

As you may have heard, a lot of good news is being generated from the District of Columbia Public School system and the Public Charter School Board, regarding the academic gains among the city’s high school students. While the upward trend in test scores is due to a myriad of strategies, we at Higher Achievement believe one of those strategies is better prepared middle-school students and more engaged families. With strong supports in middle-school, and placement in top high schools, we work to ensure that all of our children will be career and college ready.

In order for this upward trajectory of success to continue, it is imperative that the community rally behind DCPS and public charter schools. When success is attained, it is far too easy to become complacent. The latest test scores should be only a small glimpse into what is possible. Higher Achievement offers opportunities for community members, funders and future teachers to engage in this movement. By mentoring a child through middle-school, investing in our family and outreach services, and working as a Summer Teacher in an urban district, this glimpse of possibility turns into a sea of opportunity: opportunities to attend top high schools and achieve the academic success we are just starting to see; opportunities to attend college; opportunities to be successful in school – and in life.

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