Thursday, October 15, 2009

Making a Difference

I have always said that my own indicator of program quality is the distinction anyone can make between a program participant and the rest of the children in the area. We should be able to spot the participant on any street, grocery aisle, school building, church, and anywhere else in the community because of the way they speak, the way they carry themselves, and confident with what they know and strive for.  This is the real test of the difference we make in children’s lives.  This is particularly true of those students who are Higher Achievement Scholars. They are already smart – they don’t need us to be smarter. They are already curious – they don’t need us to point out things. They are already motivated – they don’t need us to push them further.


But like any gem, they need to be polished. They are raw talent waiting to be honed, shined and crafted.  This is what we do. We take dreams and make them real. We take ambition and we make them reachable.  We help all students see that the impossible is indeed very possible. 

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