Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baltimore Scholars visit Ober|Kaler Law Offices

This summer, a group of Higher Achievement scholars received a unique opportunity to visit OberKaler Law Offices in Baltimore. Over the summer, sixth grade scholars studied the Bill of Rights as a part of Higher Achievement’s social studies curriculum. Scholars were quick to respond to the lawyer’s questions and impressed the professionals with their knowledge of the law.

Jordan Grissett, a sixth grade scholar from East Baltimore, shared her knowledge of the Eighth Amendment by confidently providing the group an example of cruel and unusual punishment. “It would be like if I stole a candy bar and then got sentenced to 20 years in prison.” Throughout the tour scholars asked lawyers questions about everything from their choice of career path, to their college experiences, to the day-to-day responsibilities at OberKaler.

Scholars received warm welcomes from employees in every department at the law firm as they toured the building. Particularly impressive to the scholars were the massive library, the company’s computer server which took up a full room and the views from individual employee’s offices. At the end of the tour, several scholars expressed interest in exploring law as a future career. One scholar, however, who always thought he wanted to be a lawyer, indicated that the tour had actually made him realize he wanted to pursue another career path.

Sometimes, learning what you don’t want to do can be just as valuable as learning what you do want to do. Higher Achievement exposes scholars to opportunities that ignite their interest and allow them to be thoughtful about their futures.

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