Friday, February 26, 2010

Higher Achievement Scholar Testifies Before the Maryland Senate

Higher Achievement scholar Ta’Shawn Miles has done it again!

(Ta'Shawn is photographed above with Senator Catherine Pugh.)

This time, Ta'Shawn had the opportunity to testify before the Maryland Senate in favor of Senate Bill 580, an After School and Summer Learning Activity fund. SB580/HB1197 “Maryland Afterschool and Summer Learning Activity Program – Income Tax Checkoff,” establishes the “Maryland After-School and Summer Learning Activity Fund” which is funded through a voluntary donation by taxpayers via a check-off on the Maryland State income tax return.

You can read an excerpt of Ta'Shawn's remarks below:

"Our mentors help us to feel confident in what we have learned in school and help to teach us more. They don’t only teach us educational lessons, but they teach us skills such as how to deal with conflict, right from wrong and how to work with others in a team.

Mentors are great because they are like family that knows how to tutor you. It feels good to have adult friends that I know want the best for me and will help me to get the best.

I would like to become a mentor as soon as I am able to so that I can help children through the education and life experiences that I have and will gain.
I am thankful to Higher Achievement for giving me these opportunities. I think every child should have an after school and summer program like Higher Achievement.
Thank you."

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